Budget Cuts Will Cause Delays in the Aviation Industry

congress' automatic federal spending cuts that may take place march 1st will mean flight delays and long lines at the security checkpoint and customs

If automatic budget cuts take effect March 1st expect to see a difference.  Congress is running out of time to avert the spending cuts and the travel industry is preparing itself for the worst

The Federal Aviation Administration, Customs & Border Protection, and the Transportation Security Administration will all be affected if these cuts take place.  Here is what you can expect to see:

Security Checkpoints: 

With furloughed TSA workers we will see many delays.  The wait at security checkpoints might  increase by an hour.  Customs might face even longer wait times.  Busy airports are going to get even busier, people will have to arrive earlier to catch a flight, and wait even later to get through customs. 


The cuts will also reduce air traffic control which means more flight delays.  Waiting on long lines at security checkpoints will lead you to possible flight delays at the terminal.  Passengers will be frustrated and might change transportation plans if they can. 

President Obama and the Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee object the spending cuts.  House Appropriations Committee Democrats explain what you can expect to see, if cuts do take place, in their report.  The travel industry is bracing itself and we should all be prepared to wait much longer at the airport if these cuts take place. 

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