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Boxever on Using Big Data to Understand Travellers

Big data buzzwords inundate tech and travel conversations alike. And, like social media in its early days, travel retailers recognize they need to pay attention to big data – and as this study found, big data ranks high in the priorities of the industry – but most organizations have not yet implemented the tools and processes to adequately leverage it to drive realtime, 1:1 engagements with customers.

Rather, the question that continues to plague travel retailers is summed up by the title of this white paper: “Who Are You?”

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In their whitepaper, “Who Are You?” Using Big Data to Better Understand Travellers, Airline Information and Boxever discuss:

  • Who’s charged with Big Data?
  • The ranking of Big Data as a top 10 strategic priority
  • Applying Big Data to the marketing funnel
  • Getting actionable: outcomes of Big Data insights
  • Improving email conversion
  • How management can support Big Data initiatives

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Boxever was launched in 2012 to bridge the gap between company and customer. Great brands have great customers but you need to know and understand your customer in order to offer the right product to them at the right touchpoints. The co-founders Dave, Alan and Dermot all worked in travel e-commerce and saw the lack of understanding that companies had about their customers. They built the Boxever platform from the ground up which is now the leading travel customer intelligence solution.

We were glad to have Boxever as a sponsor of last year’s Aviation Festival Americas.