BLAH Airlines Flight 101: Virgin America launch their own horror film

Virgin America’s latest ad campaign has been marketed in the format of a horror film…and it will last for almost six hours. Don’t expect ghosts, or serial killers though, this is in fact all about the flight from hell – so more along the lines of that annoying child who keeps banging your chair,  rude flight attendants and being woken up to someone listening to loud music.

However, it will only takes 2 minutes of footage, perhaps not even that, before you launch for the stop button due to sheer boredom… so why have Virgin America gone to the trouble of making it? Brand Art director at Virgin America, Jon Gordon, has said; ‘You can have your wonderful Virgin America Flight and also take the opportunity to watch this horrible flight experience on BLAH Airlines while on board. That’ll highlight the stark difference between flying Virgin America and BLAH Airlines even more.’

The film, which was made by Eleven San Francisco, is an over the top attempt to suggest to customers that whilst certain airlines might be the cheaper option, they need to remember the awful journey that will go alongside those cost saving prices. Bryan Houelette, creative director at Eleven, has said – ‘It’s almost like they’re traveling on autopilot, without realizing they don’t have to get on that boring flight.’ The mannequins used, ’embody how it really feels to fly on these bad flights, and they brought a nice, weird charm to the film.’

Alongside the video, a website has also been designed, and of course, just like the film, it is equally painful to explore. And on social media, Blah airlines tweet everything you would expect from a bad airline.

What do you make of Virgin America’s latest marketing campaign? Do passengers need reminding that some airlines will put them through a journey from hell? And was it actually a wise idea to place, possibly the most boring footage seen in a long time, as their in-flight entertainment?

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