The best and worst airlines according to Twitter

Social media has become one of the most popular outlets for the public to express their opinion. It has also become the most effective. The social media platform, Twitter, can therefore take an airlines reputation in one direction or another. And for an airline, an angry tweet can be a scary prospect, especially if the tweeter has a large following.

In a new search to try and determine the best airline, text analysis start up company, Luminoso, have analysed more than 157,000 tweets which directly mention five different airline handles. The airlines chosen were, Virgin America, JetBlue, United, Delta and America Airlines. Their findings have painted a good picture of Virgin America, who came out on top in six of the nine categories.


The research would arguably need to be much more comprehensive in concluding that Virgin America are the best airline. However, this technique is an effective way of judging how the public honestly reflect upon their airlines, in comparison to something such as customer service questionnaires,  which often tend to be given a half hearted attempt.

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