BA will send passengers off to sleep with their new in-flight entertainment

British Airways have announced the latest addition to their in-flight entertainment. But before you start trying to work out which Hollywood Blockbuster it could be, I shall stop you in your tracks, as this new addition will be a quiet film,  featuring a seven hour train journey.

The film was made by mounting a camera on to the front of an ordinary train in a bid to capture the scenic views that are presented along the railway route. This new form of entertainment has been named as ‘slow TV’ and has already proven a huge success in Scandinavia. The idea behind the ‘unique’ genre is to relax, and settle the tired passenger with its ‘mesmerising’ qualities.

‘Slow TV’ in Norway has proven to be a huge success, with more than one million people tuning into the latest television programme ‘The Seven Hour Train Journey to Oslo.’ If the train journey proves successful, other forms of slow television will also be introduced.

The in-flight entertainment manager for British Airways has said;

“One of the team at our agency Spafax read about this unusual documentary that had become a cult hit in Norway and tracked it down. It fits perfectly with the ‘wallpaper’ style footage people find mesmerising in-flight, such as our moving maps which customers watch for endless hours. There’s definitely a hypnotic, calming and entertaining quality to ‘Slow TV’ that is perfect for in-flight entertainment.”

Have a look at the video below and come back to us with your opinion on their new in-flight entertainment. Are you relaxed or painfully bored?



[Picture: Flickr: YellowFilter]

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