Automated Check-in with Swiss International Air Lines

Automated Check-in with Swiss International Air Lines

Self-service is continuing to gather momentum as more and more airlines, airports and regulators take the iterative steps to adopt the supporting technologies – from online, to mobile, to kiosk. The Star Alliance for example, has asked all 28 member airlines to provide facilities for travellers to check-in online or via the airport kiosk, by 2018.

With passenger numbers expected to double by 2034, the drive to deliver stream-lined processes for passengers and staff alike will only intensify. Universal automation is a key element to meeting this challenge – and for many airlines, the full automation of check-in services is the next logical step.

Having recently launched their Automated (auto) Check-In service, Swiss International Air Lines are at the forefront of this automated, personalised travel movement. Here’s how they use, and benefit from, this technology:

How SWISS ‘Automated Check-In’ works

Working with 15below, SWISS use a single workflow to drive both auto check-in and online check-in reminders.

Using time-based triggers and tailored business rules, the platform retrieves all the PNR’s to check-in and runs through qualifying checks to confirm:

  • If auto check-in is offered for the passenger’s destination
  • If the passenger has registered with a boarding pass preference
  • If the passenger has completed the necessary regulatory requirements, including the compulsory advanced passenger information (API)

All passengers who pass these checks are then checked-in, receiving their boarding pass, via their preferred communication channel. Passengers identified as NOT eligible for auto check-in receive a reminder notification to check in online. This maximises the number of check-ins before passengers arrive at the airport – improving operational efficiency and securing the financial sale for the airline.

SWISS are continuing to roll out the service across all eligible countries and flights in which they operate.

How this helps their business

1. Scalability

By automating check-in, SWISS have improved their operational efficiency, creating faster and smoother processing using tailored business rules and automated workflows. Maximising the number of passengers checked-in before getting to the airport helps reduce process times and manage queues at the bag drop desk.

With IATA expecting passenger numbers to reach 7 billion by 2034, SWISS are well prepared to scale these automated processes.

2. Smoother journeys for passengers

Auto check-in gives the passenger one less thing to worry about.

By automating simple and repetitive processes, SWISS can provide an extra level of customer service ensuring passengers can be on their way to the departure lounge quickly.

3. Improved bottom line

Auto check-in takes place without the need for human intervention. Using a process that requires no staff action saves significant time, resource and money, even at the busiest times.

Integrating tailored ancillary offers into the notification creates opportunities to generate additional revenue by invoking interest at just the right time for the passenger.

What next?

There must be constant development and continuous iterations to improve the customer experience and prepare for universally automated services. For SWISS this means having complete digital flexibility, harmonising the design and delivery of notifications across any device, and any channel.

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