Asia’s female flight attendants, from “Gentle Girls” to “Flight Aunties”

Spring Airlines has announced it will hire flight attendants who will be married with children and between the ages of 25 and 45 years old.

A change in pace from the perceived industry standard of tall, leggy, nice things to look at. These women will be known as flight aunties, a commonly used term to describe women older than you and whom you respect.

Not only is this seen as an attempt at political correctness but also a response to a survey in which 72% of internet users polled preferred to be served by experience flight attendants. Do you agree?

Air travel marketing and PR has been laden with embarrassing referrals to female flight attendants including National Airlines and Ryanair. You might remember some of them? The Ryanair one was quickly banned…

This video is of Singapore Airlines “Singapore Girl” campaign which is still alive and running.