Asia’s biggest airline is hit by an economic slump, but remains optimistic about the future

China Southern Airlines Co., is Asia’s biggest carrier by passengers, however it was still unable to avoid the economic slump which has negatively affected its figures.

Chairman of the airline,Si Xianmin has reported on why the airline has had just a bad start to the year; ‘We’ve seen a loss in the first half mainly because the economic slowdown has caused growth in the aviation market to slow. We forecast our second-half performance will surely be better than the first half. We don’t foresee big volatility in the foreign exchange rate of the yuan versus the dollar in the second half.’

The airline will now need to look ahead to a more prosperous future, which has already started on a positive note; The airline recently launched its first non-stop service between Guangzhau, to New York, this is the first of its kind and many hope it will tighten the relationship between the two regions.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, president and CEO of JFKIAT, LLC, the operator of JFK’s Terminal 4, has said; ‘With over a million Chinese living and working in New York City, and approximately 650,000 Chinese visiting our city every year, this new direct route from Guangzhou will strengthen the relationship among our two regions by increasing opportunities for tourism and communication.’

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