Paperclip design

Paperclip Design finally put an end to the armrest war…


Paperclip design

Paperclip Design finally put an end to the armrest war by coming up with a design that allows both passengers to share.

So we all know the drill, you have just sat down on the aircraft, it’s the economy seat, and room is limited, making the best of a bad situation you decide to place your weary arm on the rest to the side of you. Breathing a sigh of relief, you then attempt to relax. But before you shut those eyes too tight, along comes your ‘aeroplane friend’, and before you know it, they quickly appear to have the same agenda. The battle is on for who gets the rest, and you spend the duration of the journey trying to get more room, in order to win the war.

However, fear no more, the armrest of the century has arrived and it will put a rest to all of our space agenda blues. The rest features a top and bottom tier, allowing two people to share ,yes I said share, the arm rest. Sometimes when a concept is so brilliant in its design, it is hard to believe that no one had come up with it before, and it is quite hard to believe this armrest has only just arrived.

James Lee, a graduate in mechanical engineering  aeronautic and astronautic studies, was the brains behind the armrest, which has now gone on to win him various awards around the world; “It didn’t take long to design this concept after the inspiration came. But the Paperclip Armrest is not just one design – it is a family of designs with the same basic principle, and I’ve created a number of iterations of it since coming up with the concept.”

Other designs created by Lee have also been inspired by the aircraft passenger experience, his ‘Caterpillar Convertible Seating Concept,’ also won prestigious design awards. What do you make of James Lee’s new armrest design?

[Picture: Huffingtonpost]

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