Analysis of LCC vs Legacy in European Market Share


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Looking at routes launches from 2012 vs routes cancelled it became very clear that the head to head competition between LCCs and Legacy carriers in Europe has been heating up. What it shows is that LCCs are not afraid to abandon underperforming routes whereas Legacy airlines are more inclined to maintain a struggling route in the hope it will eventually turn profitable again.

In certain regions LCCs are attacking flag carrier routes, for example EasyJet are competing with Air France and Iberia across Europe. Spirit airlines have taken on American Airlines at DFW and Southwest are taking on Delta in Atlanta. Norwegian are taking on SAS in Scandinavia as well as launching their long haul routes.

With the amount of new routes being launched by LCCs how can legacy carriers keep up? how will they react to this onslaught of LCC route killers and what are they doing to enhance their own proposition?

The full report by Ralph Anker of Anna.Aero on 2012 routes launched vs routes cancelled can be downloaded here>

This is one of the main themes of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress, where LCCs/Traditional Airlines will be discussing who is looking to grab a chunk of this important market share. Download the Brochure here>