America’s 5 meanest major carriers

America’s 5 meanest major carriers (sboneham on flickr)

The AQA tells us who the meanest major carriers in America are with number of passenger complaints. The US Department of Transportation received 11,445 complaints from passengers in 2012- up by around 9,000. Most of these concern delays and cancellations as well as ticket and boarding issues.

But apparently we can't blame it all on all poor standards but also on the fact that customers seem more willing to complain, according to Dr. Dean Headley, co-author of the report.

Anyway, back to the mean old airlines of the US ranked by lowest AQA score.

5. Frontier Airlines

AQR Score: -0.78

4. Southwest Airlines

AQR Score: -0.81

3. US Airways

AQR Score: -0.87

2. American Airlines

AQR Score: -1.11

1. United Airlines

AQR Score: -2.18

What do you think? With some passengers it's a different story for each but there's no denying the numbers of complaints.

Click here for more details and to see the meanest regional carriers.

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