Americans prefer low- cost airlines to traditional airlines

Americans prefer low- cost airlines to traditional airlines (Laura D'Alessandro on flickr)

The annual  J.D. Power & Associates North America Airline Satisfaction Study has shown low cost carriers were scored higher than traditional airlines.

Customers are happier with low cost carriers scoring the segment 755 out of 1,000, nearly 100 points more than traditional airlines segment.

However, both sectors improved on their 2012 scores.

Leaders in the low cost carrier segment were JetBlue Airways, SouthWest Airlines, WestJet and Frontier Airlines.

Jessica McGregor put this down to lower fares and more satisfied customers, especially on JetBlue and SouthWest who go further to create a better passenger experience.

As for traditional carriers… winners were Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada and American Airlines. These airlines were weakened by poor financial performance and recent mergers such as American Airlines and US Airways who began the process in February.

We'll have to wait and see as the mergers and bumps along the road iron out as to whether the performance of traditional carriers improves. It seems low- cost is the way forward.

What do you think? Are there other factors to blame for the decline of traditional carriers in the US? Are customers more inclined to low cost carriers? Let us know your thoughts.

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