What we know about the new American Airlines

What we know about the new American Airlines

American Airlines is closing their merger with US Airways and are ready to go.

The new man running the marketing and re-branding side of the show, Stephen Davis, Director of International Marketing, says the new American Airlines will aim to improve passenger perceptions, show off its new fleet and focus on digital innovation.

  • The first changes for customers will be implemented in January
  • The airline has taken 1,500 flight attendants through training this year – a programme which it will continue next year
  • Under the terms of AA's settlement with the US government, the merged airline will give up departure slots at several US airports, making for fewer daily flights. However, with a combined fleet of more than 1,400 aircraft, new AA will still become the world's largest carrier based on the industry measure of passenger revenue per available seat mile
  • AA has undergone its first rebrand for 40 years after placing the largest aircraft order in aviation history

AA has developed a three-phase narrative for communications:

  • reassurance – explaining to customers why they filed for bankruptcy, what that means and what they are planning on doing now
  • reinvigoration – conveying product proof points to customers
  • re-emergence – when AA exit chapter 11 and finally merge with US Airways

What else is there? Look at what Wall Street Journal thinks of their share prices: "Shares of Bankrupt American Airlines Go Sky High for Investors".

american airlines bankruptcy wsj

The new American Airlines and now the World's largest carrier is moving on up.

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