American Airlines Rewards Popular Social Media Influencers

American Airlines Rewards Popular Social Media Influencers

American Airlines are rewarding those customers who have enough "Klout". I'm not even sure I used that term correctly.

Klout– the online influence measurement site- announced a partnership with American Airlines that gives Klout users access to nearly 40 worldwide lounge locations including San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and London.

How does it work? Basically, your social media influence can land you some perks and points- in the hope that when you get them, you'll tell everyone about it. Nice idea right? Not quite for me…I only got a score of 47 and you need 55+ to gain access to the Admirals Club, for free, once, even if you're not flying with them. But $50 off an annual membership to the club is OK.

Those successful, social customers get free beer, wine, spirits, snacks and – in their words – "spa-like showers". (?!)

Klout have partnered with major brands like Sony, Nike, Microsoft and Disney before and now airlines are getting involved.

Airlines are generally trying to harness the power of social media for better relationships with customers. We've questioned before as to whether airline loyalty programmes work (click here for more…). We've also seen the power social media yields on Twitter and Facebook with companies like Kulula leading the way.

But will this lead to a popularity contest for free stuff and prizes? Is this likely to put a big chunk of customers off or is it just a separate perk that works for customers with a greater online presence and in turn works for the companies in generating word of mouth?

Let us know your thoughts!

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