American Airlines Grace Kelly Julianna Margulies reinvented

American Airlines reinvents flying in newest campaign

The new American Airlines reinvent flying, bringing back the glamour of it all in the newest ad campaign. 

Combining old and new generations of famous flyers, American put images of Neil Patrick Harris alongside Gregory Peck and Julianna Margulies alongside Grace Kelly creating a classic looking ad.

The all black and white images only feature colour on the AA logo.

Here they are…

Neil Patrick Harris Gregory Peck American Airlines reinvented


Grace Kelly Julianna Margulies American Airlines reinvented

A digital support campaign is now active where the airlines provides an interactive tour of the new A321 transcontinental aircraft.

AA is the only airline offering three classes of service. They describe it ‘as close to a private jet experience as you can get on a commercial flight’. Watch how American Airlines reinvent flying on their website.

See the digital campaign here >

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