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Alleviating ‘day of travel’ frustrations with intelligent mobile services

Alleviating ‘day of travel’ frustrations with intelligent mobile services and uncovering new revenue opportunities

Travel is stressful. The day of a flight can be frustrating even for frequent travellers. Fears about getting to the airport on time, lengthy security queues, uncertainties about flight take-off times, gate locations in unknown airports, lost baggage… are all common pain points. With no control over flight schedules and often incomplete or inaccurate flight and airport information available, travellers regularly feel ‘in the dark’ and frustrated by their travel experience. This can seriously damage travellers’ relationship with airlines.

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This white paper reveals the results of MTT’s ‘day of travel’ research and shares some of the key frustrations experienced by travellers prior to flying and in the airport. The report takes a closer look at today’s travellers by examining what mobile services are most valuable to them on their ‘day of travel’ and it provides insights to airlines on smart mobile investments for the future to enhance and ease travel at every step, as well as open up new revenue opportunities.

Key areas examined in MTT’s whitepaper include:

  • Why airlines and travel companies are falling short when it comes to ‘day of travel’ services and how the mobile channel can be leveraged to improve this
  • The primary frustrations experienced by travellers on their ‘day of travel’ and how these can these be solved via an intelligent mobile companion
  • What types of mobile services do travellers value most when travelling and why
  • How real-time, contextual and personalised travel updates can ease and enhance the overall travel journey and help drive mobile engagement for airlines
  • Why mobile push notifications are very effective for travellers on the move.

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