US Airways Offers Premium Meal for Coach

 US Airways now offering premium meals to coach passengers

How much would you pay for an airline meal?  What about a premium meal?  US Airways thinks $20 is the answer and they are even offering it to passengers in Coach!  You can buy these meals on flights to Europe, the Middle East, and South America but you must reserve them at least 24 hours before your flight.  The DineFresh program offers Asian chicken or beef with noodles, assorted meats and cheeses, or a vegetarian option.  All meals come with a free glass of wine and they are all served in bento boxes.  Sure they look fancy in a bento box and they sound tasty but would you buy a premium meal for $20 from an airline? 

Personally, I am a very picky eater and I probably would not like many of the items served in the bento box, cheesecake for dessert – no thanks!  I also know I would rather go to the airport food court before my flight and get a cheaper meal there to bring on the plane, any airport serving Nathan's is a place I want to be.  Of course this DineFresh meal is higher quality than a random fast food place in the food court but are you interested in paying $20 for it?  I know some people will pay for this premium meal and they will probably enjoy it but don't you miss the days of free airline meals?  The closest we can get to free meals is JetBlue's unlimited complimentary snacks.  Terra Blues Chips, PopCorners, and chocolate chip cookies sounds like a nice dinner to me – don't forget the free drink!  These premium meals are just another added fee that you can expect to see as an airline trend in 2013. 

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