How can airlines enable a great customer experience? Interview with Jérome Felici, SSI

passanger exprience

SSI is a service and consultancy company, specialised in Studying, Styling, Implementing and managing on-board services. CEO Jérome Felici spoke to Blue Sky and shared his predictions about changing customer expectations and why meeting these should be a the forefront of a competitive business model.

He shares his insight on how customer psychology can help airlines better predict behaviour and improve their offering, and how airports have a large role to play in customer experience.

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Find out more on:

  • Biggest challenges airlines face to create a great passenger experience
  • Areas stakeholders should be focussing on to improve customer engagement and loyalty
  • Important technologies that will impact passenger experience in the next 5 years
  • How airports should work with assorted stakeholders to enable a better passenger experience
  • How we can create a more personalised service and overall experience

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