Airports Shelling Out Billions for Upgrades

Airports throughout the nation are racing to renovate their aging buildings for additional capacity and amenities, which are designed to attract passengers and increase consumer spending.  And by adding new finishes, concessions, and food options, airports are determined to make airlines happy with their hubs as well. Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco, and Dallas/Fort Worth all have yoga studios. Some are also including plans for pet kennels and napping suites. The figures aren’t small though – individual projects are costing more than a billion dollars.

In 2012, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport opened a $1.4 billion international terminal.

And here are the costs of some recent airport renovations:

LaGuardia Airport, ranked as one of the worst airports, also has plans for a much needed renovation. The projected cost is a whopping $3.6 billion dollars.

These expensive renovations will certainly improve the customer experience, but are they absolutely necessary? Will new and improved terminals generate or impact demand? Let us know your thoughts below.

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