A new airport for North Korea?

A new airport for North Korea? (Karolis Kazlauskas Architectural Studio)

The ever reclusive North Korea might be giving their airport, Pyongyang a revamp.

Kim Jong-Un has asked architects currently redesigning a military airport in the East of the country to submit designs to upgrade Pyongyang Airport too.

Kim Jong-Un was reportedly so impressed with the designs for the military airport in Wonsan that he decided the capital airport needed to step up too.

The projects suggest economic progress in North Korea and I guess they're expecting more visitors now too.

Here's what the airport looked like before:

Pyongyang Airport ((stephan) on flickr)

Would you be more likely to get over there if it looked more like the first image in this post?

Architects on the project are Karolis Kazlauskas. You can find out more about them here.

Let me know what you think to the move and what effect it will have on flight paths, travel companies and all parties involved.

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