airlines stricter unruly passengers

Is it time for airlines to be stricter on unruly passengers?

Unruly passengers are costing airlines and other passengers time and money. Mostly because they drink too much…

This Sunday a plane headed to London from Chicago made an impromptu stop in Newfoundland. One unruly passenger needed ‘removing’ from the flight.

Are we getting angrier or is the booze too freely available and we can’t help ourselves? Either way, air rage is taking over. Airlines are considering new rules to tackle this causing the least inconvenience possible to the flight, airlines and fellow passengers.

Flights themselves can also be the cause of stress for these unruly passengers. Fear of flight, long queues, fees, cancellations and delays can put a passenger having a bad day right for an unexpected bout of air rage.

According to the International Air Transport Association, reports of passenger misconduct increased dramatically, from 500 to more than 6,000 on international flights between 2007 and 2011.

We in the UK remember drunken stags on Ryanair flights. There’s also the battle of testosterone experienced on a flight through the US that began over arm rest space.

But the numbers in the US for air rage and unruly passengers are decreasing. And this is down to the way incidents are classified and recorded.

In March, the International Air Transport Association, which represents 240 airlines, will propose rule changes that will bring global laws against passengers who are unruly more in line with reglations in the U.S.

Do you think this is a necessary move?

[Picture: bjorn.watland on flickr]

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