What If Airlines Were Like Netflix?

Yieldr just published its latest whitepaper What If Airlines Were Like Netflix? It examines how airlines could apply a similar recommendations engine to that of the streaming service to push demand towards specific flights.

What if airlines could provide personalized suggestions to users based on traveling habits and other data? By utilizing big data, AI (artificial intelligence) and machine-learning algorithms can airlines fill empty seats and increase total revenue?

The study examines this topic by taking a deep dive into Netflix’s approach and by examining the likelihood of travelers to change their flight from what they originally search for.

A few examples of the findings inside the study include:

  • 45% of travelers will book a flight that is different to their original flight search
  • 38% are willing to travel on a different day
  • 18% of travelers will change their destination

Finally, a hypothetical case study is carried out, outlining some of the approaches that airlines can take to push demand and increase per passenger revenue.

Download the whitepaper

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