How does your airline stack up against competition?

A global study compares airline passenger experience scores

Passenger experience surveys are a familiar tool in the global airline industry. Typically, they focus on the physical aspects of the travel experience, measuring factors like seat comfort, in-flight entertainment and cabin amenities.

The IBM Travel Experience Index, however, is a first-of-a-kind study which focuses on how digital factors influence the travel experience today. The index scores passengers’ digital interactions with airlines, their service experiences with airline employees, and airlines’ capabilities across channels of communication.

The study, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, summarizes the findings of travelers who flew on airlines across the globe and evaluated each airline using a multi-faceted, consistent, and disciplined approach.

Read the results, drawing into sharp relief the strengths, weaknesses, and key differences between airlines of all segments and regions. Some of the findings may surprise you.

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