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AirAsia introduce a first by allowing Interpol to check passports

 AirAsia introduce a first by allowing Interpol to check passports.  Every passenger will have their passport compared to Interpol list of missing or stolen travel documents.

In the aftermath of MH370, it was revealed that two passengers on board the aircraft had boarded the plane with stolen airports. When this information was brought to light, the rest of the world became even more concerned in relation to airport security;  with many feeling like we need to crack down on any mishaps that would allow monstrosities like MH370 to happen.  In light of this AirAsia will now use Interpol’s “I-Checkit” to screen passports when passengers check in. Interpol, or International Criminal Police Organization, were set up in 1923, to remain politically neutral (in theory), and therefore solely focus on public safety.

Interpol Security General Ronald K.Noble explained that AirAia have;  ‘established the new standard for airline security. This will raise the bar across the industry for passenger safety and security.’

AirAsia have announced that no personal data will be given to Interpol, they shall only check passport numbers and issuing nation. If they do find a positive match against the database, local authorities and Interpol will be notified. Noble continues by adding; ‘airlines will no longer have to depend solely on countries screening passports to keep passengers safe from terrorists and other criminals who use stolen passports to board flights. Like Air Asia, they will be able to do it themselves as well.

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