How Air New Zealand are Offering a More Comfortable Experience in Economy

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Some of the perks of working on an event called AirXperience is that you get to hear about these new innovative ways airlines are looking to enhance the passenger experience. Very rarely you also get to experience them yourself! One of those occasions happened today when my colleague Victor and I got to visit the cuddle class tour van Air New Zealand are current driving around London to promote their new skycouch.

This to me seems like a great marketing tool, the staff are promoting a competition to win a flight to LA which of course brings people on board and then they are asked to tweet with their hash tag to win the flight, this really builds up a great buzz around the competition and the new service.

As you can see from the picture my colleague Victor seemed very happy with this new offering, the technology and design behind the Skycouch is relatively simple. Using the space in front of the seat to convert it into useable sleep space with a flip up leg rest. Other airline seats have offered a variety of leg rests (although not usually in economy) but this was the first one I’d seen that makes use of multiple seats next to each other.

Passengers can then upgrade from one or two seats to have the whole row and take advantage of that joined-up space that gets somewhere close to that of a sofa. The fewer seats you upgrade from the more it costs — not surprisingly as you are effectively getting more seats for your money.

What do you think about this new experience? is it just a gimmick or will this catch on with other airlines?

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