Air Travel: Then & Now

When we look at old photos from the glorious days of Pan Am, it’s easy to assume that air travel looked more luxurious back in the day. Passengers ate great food served at full-sized tables. Restrooms were bigger and included urinals. Today, an onboard flight experience is not something to be enjoyed…unless you fork out the money for premium seating. Otherwise, people are packed like canned sardines…literally. Food isn’t that good and restrooms are disgusting and continually getting smaller.

Despite this common perception of modern-day air travel, flying today is actually better than it was before.

Here are the reasons, as given by Business Insider:

  • Cheaper – competition has forced carriers to lower fares, although that may come at the expense of passengers’ comfort
  • Safer – the TSA and security screenings are a pain, but certainly increase aviation safety. Regulations also ensure passengers will arrive safely to their destinations
  • Faster – better routes save passengers a substantial amount of time
  • More Luxurious – yes, that’s right! You just have to drop more money for business and first class. Economy passengers also have access to television and Internet service

In addition, technological advancements has made the inflight experience more comfortable. Radars are used to avoid pockets of turbulence. It’s also easier to breathe at high altitudes with fuselage improvements.

Therefore, we should take a moment to appreciate what we have right now. Flying may be unpleasant with little to no leg room, subpar food, and gross restrooms. But, I think the overall lesson is that we pay for what we get.

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