Air New Zealand’s Safety in Paradise is here

Air New Zealand have released the much anticipated Safety in Paradise video.

Partnered with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit to celebrate their 50 year anniversary, Air New Zealand and the Sports Illustrated girls are in the Cook Islands for the most recent safety video.

There’s been a lot of discussion this week as to whether Air New Zealand took it too far this time, being slammed for the safety video being ‘highly sexualised’. Is this cutting off Air New Zealand’s female audience?

Safe to say, if you’ve let go of your summer body in these winter months, this won’t make you feel better. Even Christie Brinkley pops up looking amazing as ever.

I put a few questions to Air New Zealand on the new safety video. Here’s what they said:

What inspired the making of the video?
As with each of our safety videos Air New Zealand looks to deliver the necessary safety messages in an entertaining and compelling way. Partnering with Sports Illustrated was an incredible opportunity to further lift the Air New Zealand brand on the global stage. The partnership allows us to promote the Cook Islands, a key Pacific Island destination the airline has served for more than 40 years. Given this safety video celebrates 50 years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, it made sense to feature some of the magazine’s most well-known models.

Do you think this video will be as successful as your previous safety videos?
It’s clear from customer feedback, the sheer number of online impressions and global media coverage that our safety videos are still very popular and the release of the latest version is always highly anticipated. Watch this space to see what we do next.

What are your reactions to the negative responses to the video?
We have been careful to ensure Safety in Paradise has been produced in a way that is tasteful and suitable for viewing by passengers of all ages. With Safety in Paradise set on the beach, it was appropriate that the subjects are outfitted in beachwear.

Let me know what you think!

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