Air Asia Act As A ‘Catalyst’ In Increasing Southeast Asia’s Air Travel

This week Air Asia announced their shares were down,  after the third-quarter result.  In responding to that, the low cost airline, have confirmed that in January next year they will launch a regional air pass in a bid to increase travel in Southeast Asia, as well as boosting revenue.

So what exactly is the pass? The pass, a credit based system, will act as a single currency, which in theory will reduce the hassle of differing foreign exchange rates as routes and values are according to the credits. The routes listed in the pass will be from one credit up to a maximum of eight credits one way. Alongside that there will be an impressive loyalty scheme put in place which will open up the possibility for passenger to redeem free AirAsia flights.

Their Group chief executive officer, Sir Tony Fernandes, has spoken out about why the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Community has inspired his innovation;

‘The Asean Single Aviation Market is something we take seriously and we are confident the introduction of this Asean pass will boost air travel within the Asean communities, as well as attract foreign tourists to this region.”

Fernandes, believes the pass will act as a ‘catalyst’ for increased air travel within the Southeast Asia market. Whilst officials will announce further details around the time of its release in January, Fernandes has said that the AirAsia ASEAN pass will allow travellers to fly to 10 different destinations in Southeast Asia in one month for 499 ringgit, ($188), excluding airport taxes.

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