African Aviation Insight Report

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This industry survey was designed to better understand the needs and focus areas of key stakeholders in the Aviation market and to ensure you are able to access insights and opportunities
for your business. The survey highlighted some of the biggest challenges African aviation is facing.

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Aviation Outlook Africa is dedicated to helping airlines grow their business in Africa. The event targets decision makers from local and international airlines, airports, investors and regulatory bodies.

It focuses on all the key issues:

· Capital structures for acquiring new aircraft

· Identifying new and viable routes

· Optimising distribution channels and auxiliary revenue services

· Managing operational and financial risks

· Ensuring safe and efficient operations

· Overcoming weak regulatory policies

· Developing airline brand recognition

· Evaluating new technology to support back office and maintenance operations

While major African airlines are trying to provide direct connectivity between African destinations, international airlines are also trying to open new routes into Africa – this is increasing competition within the sector.This all means that there is an increasing demand for aviation solutions for airlines and airports and for airlines to adopt smarter business strategies.


The Aviation Outlook Africa conference will be happening on the 25-26 June 2013. It will be bringing together airlines, airports and all commercial aviation stakeholders together to discuss insights uncovered by this report and other important issues affecting African Aviation To get more information email Tendi at


> Download the Insight Report