7 common social media mistakes – and how you can avoid them

social media, social media for airlines, airline customer experience, airline social media strategy, airlines and social media, marketing arilinesThe airline sector is becoming more and more in tune with the digital, social customer. Companies like Kulula continue to push the bar to use social media channels for brand development and marketing, while others are using these mediums to improve customer service and passenger experience.
Whilst dealing with social, airlines have to remember the fundamentals of loyalty marketing. 1 – engage your audience, 2 – customer service and quality are the key and 3 – make an emotional connection with your customers. These simple rules should be the key factors when designing and implementing an airline social media campaign.

So how many actually do it well? In this e-book we've highlighted some of the mistakes big brands make when designing their campaigns and give tips on how airlines can avoid the pitfall.


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