4 reasons Easyjet are winning

3 reasons Easyjet are winning

One of Europe's favourite low cost airlines, Easyjet is having a great week this week.

They're been all over the news, so I thought I'd round up some of the best bits.

  • They're expanding routes

New routes will create jobs at Gatwick Airport. Yay, economy. Flights to Brussels and Strasbourg will start on 30 March after the firm bought slots at the airport from Flybe. Routes to Jersey, Paris and Newcastle will also be added to the growing list.

  • They're expanding airports

Small win on this one but they have entered a new long term agreement with Bristol Airport.

The agreement has already resulted in the addition of two new destinations to EasyJet's network from Bristol, with flights to Reykjavik and Marrakech launching in December. More growth. Are you seeing a pattern emerging?

  • Profits are up by 51%

Pre-tax profits stand at £478m. Carolyn McCall said this morning that she thinks this has made a big impact. “It’s a nice, calmer boarding process, and a lot of people have taken up the option,” she said.

  • Shareholders will be getting a hefty dividend

£175m will be handed out to shareholders through a special dividend payment.

So, everyone's happy- fares are low for us, shareholders are appeased and airports have them and as a result, us, coming in thick and fast.

Even more of a reason for Carolyn McCall to be happy, like this.

Carolyn McCall - Easyjet

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