3 Ways To Increase Airline Revenue Through Digital Optimization

Fusion works behind the scenes with some of the world’s largest online retailers in multiple industries.  And at this year’s World Low Cost Airlines Congress, Mark Brown, their VP for Sales and Client Management took control of one of the round table discussions: How to Increase Revenue Per Customer Through Digital Optimization? 

Mark, who joined the company in 2012, has previously worked for Easyjet’s ancillary revenue team, and British Airways. In speaking at the WLCAC, he was able to bring his experience in the travel and tourism industry, combined with expertise in digital marketing and online optimisation.

Mark Brown has given Blue Sky three key points, which he believes will help those in the industry increase their revenue:

1. The need to focus on delivering more targeted and tailored messages to customers – So understanding customers better and using various tools and techniques available to identify key customer segments and then deliver offers that resonate and increase propensity to purchase.  This was very much focused on using data more intelligently and effectively to define key customer segments and behaviours to deliver a more personalised and targeted offering.


2.  The need to draw a balance between selling as much as you can in the flight booking path whilst maintaining core flight conversion –  So becoming smarter about what products you sell at the time of purchase and also post purchase.  Becoming more intelligent about how you can continue to target and sell ancillary products post purchase through key touch points such as email, online check in, manage booking, mobile etc.

3. The need to utilize A/B and multivariate testing to determine what products and offers resonate with each key customer segment with the main goal of offering the right product to the right customer at the right price and in the right way.  Therefore, delivering constant improvement and growth in ancillary performance.

Image: REIsystems


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World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2015