Sexism In The Skies: 3 Misogynistic Airline Videos From The Present Day


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Whilst some will argue that in recent years sexist campaigns have been largely eradicated, it is vitality important we acknowledge that they haven’t disappeared. The three airline marketing campaigns featured, highlight that even within the last ten years big companies have chosen to unfairly represent woman, in order to sell seats.

The biggest worry which derives from all three campaigns is that if airlines continue to sexualize the female flight attendant role, then their chances of experiencing sexually harassment will  be arguably increased. If male passengers are told and shown that their female cabin crew are sex objects, then they are more likely to cause them hassle.

Most airlines have began to make significant changes in their marketing, however it is essential that all airlines concentrate on broadcasting a stronger female image within the airline industry. If they don’t, we will be forced to harp back to a time when woman were made to fight a constant battle every day to be taken seriously.

[Picture: Devlin Thompson]