MH370: Will a $3 million award be enough to entice a ‘whistleblower’?

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The families of the missing MH370 victims, have taken action into their own hands, and are appealing for public help. Their aim is to raise  $5 million from a public fund raising page, $3 million will become an award, in a bid to seek out new information.

The families of the victims still remain hopeful that their loved ones will eventually be found. Inspiration has said to come from the Air France 447 Flight, in which it took two years to recover 104 bodies from the wreckage.

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  1. Bill Murray

    The answer to this FTS hijack is in the cargo. You need to get access to the actual cargo manifest. MAS, China and USA know this and have to keep quiet about it. Any guesses? More to follow…

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