Virgin Atlantic’s upper class onesie

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How do you feel about an upper class onesie?

Virgin Atlantic introduce the first ever airline onesie created by OnePiece for the airline’s Upper Class.

Apparently, the onesie is set to become a “must have” for bedtime glamour and will be available from mid-June for a thousand passengers travelling on selected night flights across Virgin Atlantic’s long haul network.

The onesie is simple in black with “sleepy head” on the back and the airline logo on the front. Designed as a fashionable yet fun alternative to the popular Virgin Atlantic Upper Class sleep suit, passengers will be able to enjoy maximum comfort when flying.

Fay Burgin, Head of Global Public Relations, comments: “We are passionate about new innovations such as bringing our Upper Class passengers the first ever airline onesie. OnePiece onesies are the original and best and our design teams have been working tirelessly to create a onesie that offers the perfect combination for a satisfying slumber on one of the longest, fully flat, beds in business class.”

Passengers will be free to take their unisex onesie with them to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. What do you think? I’m not sure the people with enough money to be travelling in Upper Class are the same people who love and wear onesies. But I might be wrong.

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  1. Darren Morgan

    I was lucky enough to be flying out of Miami and they were giving them out. I wore my onesie all flight. In fact we had a “onesie party at the onboard bar!

    1. Lorna

      Excellent! Are they comfy? Is Virgin Atlantic your number 1 airline now? 🙂

      1. Darren Morgan

        Yes they are comfy, better that the ninja suits IMO. Virgin atlantic was and still remains my number 1 airline!

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