Spirit Airlines undresses models to reinvent itself

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Spirit Airlines have had a lot of bad press recently, whether it is their extortionate add on fees, or rude customer service, the critics are less than impressed. Spirit Airlines have therefore responded to their haters with this latest ad campaign ‘Bare Fare’.

The new campaign is not apologetic in approach, but more an echo of the idea that we are what we are, don’t expect too much as we do not charge too much. As their CEO Ben Baldanza adds, “let’s not have any more gotchas. Because the thing we do best is give you a really low fare. And these are the things it takes to get the low fare. So understand that, and you decide whether that trade-off is good for you.”

Will the new ad campaign clear things up for customers? Or will it create even more bad press for the low budget airline? Let us know your thoughts.

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