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FlightStats on the Importance of Flight Data Consolidation and New Airline Opportunities

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FlightStats, an Associate sponsor of this year’s World Low Cost Airlines Americas, has provided a whitepaper focused on how to enhance data-related services while reducing cost.

Disruptions are an unavoidable fact of modern air travel. With load factors exceeding 80% and airlines carefully controlling capacity to remain profitable, there is precious little “slack” in the system to accommodate even relatively minor disruptions. Throw in an east-coast snowstorm or a line of thunderstorms in the Midwest, and you have the recipe for crowds of frustrated passengers broadcasting their angst in real time via social media.

This whitepaper examines the challenges of collecting, collating, verifying, and distributing real time and historical flight status information across a variety of internal and external channels and consumers. FlightStats discusses the challenges and presents a new approach to the problem that holds the promise of timely, accurate and consistent data distributed both internally and externally at a lower cost and without expensive IT projects.

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  • Standards
  • Collection
  • Distribution in real time
  • Third party consumers
  • Internal distribution
  • Historical challenges

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