3 reason airlines save fuel

3 reasons some airlines save more fuel than others

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Why do some airlines save more fuel than other airlines?

We look at three of the main reasons…

3 reason airlines save fuel

In recent years it has been suggested that airlines pay for their carbon emissions. However, some argue that airlines are already doing everything they can and are operating as efficiently as possible. Do you agree? Is there room for improvement?

As this months focus, I found it difficult to find information about airline fuel efficiency or the variation between different airlines. Are airlines not giving enough information? Or is it just the case that actually, no one really has any idea if airlines are operating as efficiently as possible?

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Paulo Aguiar

    Hi Lorna,
    Good starting punch.
    I agree with you, from our experience most of the airlines think they’re doing the right things but they’re not able to measure it as they continue to use Excel based systems instead of implementing complex state of the art fuel analysis, tracking and monitoring systems that allow them to understand what’s happening in each area of the company or flight stage (by combining information from different data sources such as ACARS, FOQA/FDM, Flight plans, Fuel Invoices, Tech Logs, DCS, etc.).
    So much around customer data analytics and how companies are focused on understanding customer behavior and so little on data analytics around fuel that traditionally represents between 30 to 40% of an airline’s fixed costs.

    1. totalbluesky

      Thanks for your comment Paulo. It’s a pretty brief summing up of what we’re looking at when it comes to fuel efficiency for airlines.
      But I agree, the systems exist but are not in place. Is that because it’s too difficult to implement on current fleet or that it’s too costly?
      An imbalance of investment perhaps, as you say!

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