Infographic: 5 ways airlines should use big data

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How should airlines use big data? Big data is long debated and discussed grey area for organisations like airlines who are unsure of what it is and how exactly it can be harnessed to make the passenger experience better. More importantly, not just for airlines, how can it help increase revenue? Here are five ways airlines can use big data to their advantage.

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  1. Kathryn Creedy

    Dear Lorna, Airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers are using Big Data for much more than mining passenger data to increase revenues. Equally important is the effort to increase efficiency to save on costs. They have been turning to masFlight, the most comprehensive database for airline, aircraft and airport operations, to monitor performance and improve efficiency thereby saving millions of dollars. The data and software company is also important for passengers as the only source of data on the economic impact of all the weather-related delays and cancellations experienced since December. In January, alone, the economic impact was $2.5 billion for passengers and $150 million for airlines, illustrating just how important being on time really is.

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