Who will win the Reagan Airport slots?

Who will win the Reagan Airport slots?

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Who will win the Reagan Airport slots?

Airlines in the US have submitted their bids for slots at Reagan National Airport given up by American Airlines Group as part of the US Airways Group and AMR Corp merger.

52 landing and take off slots (104 slots) have been surrendered and an announcement could be made on who gets them as early as this week. No one is sure how many airlines have submitted bids but here are some of those who have shown interest:

  • Westjet
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta
  • JetBlue

16 of the slots are already allocated to JetBlue, however, they are intending on acquiring as many as possible to strengthen its position.

Back in December, Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division was asked by Forbes as to whether legacy carriers Delta and United would be eligible to bid for the National slots. “The (legal) papers make it pretty clear where we think those gates and slots ought to go,” Baer said. So maybe they shouldn’t bother…

Steve Johnson, US Airways executive vice president for corporate and legal affairs said, “We anticipate it will be only low cost carriers, seven or eight low cost carriers.”

Has the decision already been made? Watch this space….

UPDATE: JetBlue have acquired 12 slot pairs at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Southwest Airlines have won 27 slot pairs.

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