What boarding passes should look like

What boarding passes should look like

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What boarding passes should look like


Peter Smart has come up with his idea on what boarding passes should look like. And he’s pretty much nailed it.

On realising boarding passes are pretty awful, mis-sized, outdated and over complicated at times Peter decided that it’s time to rethink the boarding pass, and I am inclined to agree with him.

He considered existing constraints; all information must be included, result must use the same standard dimensions of a boarding pass and it must be printed in black ink to keep existing printers and keep costs down.

Here’s what he came up with.

What boarding passes should look like - Peter Smart


  • It’s simple, clear and legible
  • It’s acceptable to the three key user groups: Passengers, Airline staff, machines
  • It fits into your passport with the information you need visible
  • It can be applied to all airlines

Read more about Peter’s idea on his website here.  He goes into more detail about the design and how the boarding pass can make things simpler. Could this improve the passenger experience overall? It looks good, however, most of us in the UK are printing our own boarding passes on A4 sheets of paper so we don’t give the low cost airlines any more of our cash.

Let me know what you think.

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