Doug Parker on the New American Airlines

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It may be hard to miss this with all the chatter in the press and on social media – American Airlines and US Airways officially unify to become the new American today. American Airlines rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell this morning to symbolize and celebrate "a new chapter in aviation history" (@AmericanAir). This came after much debacle with the Department of Justice, which initially went against the merger because they apprehended less competition and higher prices for consumers.

With Southwest Airlines is currently racing to finish its integration of AirTran, I wonder how American Airlines will integrate and combine US Airways to form the new American successfully.

In an interview with The Associated Press, CEO Doug Parker provides some insight on how he feels about the merger and how he plans to integrate US Airways. When asked about the former, he said that it will certainly motivate the team with pay raises and higher level jobs. When asked about the biggest challeng in making this all work, he replied:

"It’s two complex organizations that need to be melded into one over time. That’s the biggest challenge by far. It’s not easy, but we have people that have done it before — both airlines have been through a merger in the semi-recent past. We have consultants on board who’ve done this with other carriers, so we’ll learn from what we’ve seen at others as well as what we’ve seen ourselves."

The new American Airlines is currently the world's largest airline. Do you think that this merger will be just as successful, if not more, as Southwest and AirTran? Will Parker lead his company in the right direction?

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