This Year’s Top 10 Business Class Cabins

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From these rankings, we can see that the top two are Asian airlines. Middle Eastern airlines tend to dominate the top 10 from year to year. What does this mean for American airlines? They have long been criticized for being behind compared to the rest of the world. I think they should really pick up their game to change that notion. But, it is good to know that American Airlines made it to this list. (Hooray!)

Based on your own experiences, do you agree with these rankings? As always, share your thoughts with us!

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  1. George Vittas

    I found the short write-ups for each of the ten airlines on the list to read as if they were written by someone at that airline in some cases and downright ignorant and insulting in other cases. Not once is flight attendant service mentioned in any case, yet the only minor difference between #1 Cathay and #8 American is inflight service, business class seats are the basically the same for both airlines, excellent. I thought the comment on American’s dining experience was wrong, AA’s business class dining is quite good. American should have been much higher on the list, much closer to the top rating.

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