Jetstar Asia: More flights and a new service that brings you “Straight to Gate”

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Is queuing a tradition in Singapore? This is a highly debatable point. I think we have a love-hate relationship with queues. You see queues all around but we all know how time-consuming and frustrating it can get.

I guess Jetstar Asia, a Singapore-based LCC, understood that time spent in queues has a direct impact on a traveller's experience, and so are introducing a brand new check-in service, "Straight to Gate". According to this article, this new service will "enable the low-cost carrier's passengers to check-in online, print their boarding pass and proceed straight to immigration and the departure gate." However, this trial is currently only made available for passengers on selected routes with no check-in baggage or visa requirements.

This service came at a right time when Jetstar Asia is expanding its weekly services for its Singapore-Penang and Singapore-Yangon flights.

In an article, Barathan Pasupathi, CEO of Jetstar Asia, shared their commitment in enhancing the value of travel for their customers "We are committed to understanding the needs and wants of our customers and we constantly explore smarter ways to add value to where it matters most."

Maybe it's not too much of a mystery why Jetstar Asia remains as Singapore's largest and most profitable low fares airline till date.

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