I turned a jumbo jet into a hotel

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How (and why?!) did Oscar Dios turn a jumbo jet into a hotel?

At the Stockholm airport, entrepreneur Oscar Dios has created Jumbo Stay, a one-of-a-kind hotel, out of a retired 747. The idea came about when the entrepreneur put together a lack of airport hotel capacity and an unused aeroplane making Jumbo Stay.

An innovative way of combining the travel with the airport hotel? Would you stay in it? Or leave it to the plane enthusiasts? I think it’s pretty cool if not a little cosy!

Let me know what you think.



  1. mario masciullo

    Fantastic idea, other cases: turned dismissed airplanes into restaurant. Oscar Dios (God) msut haveinvested lots on $ with good returns.
    Lucky also to have met the availability of AP authorities to grant the land! This could be a main obstaclein othe airports, Just try,

  2. mario masciullo

    Hi Oscar, I can publish this news but need more info-
    Classification of the hotel,
    also hours use?
    rates for different time use
    For night stay do you provide breakfast?
    How clients are moved from terminal to a’plane htl?

    Tks, mario

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