Got a long flight ahead? Interested in maintaining what’s left of your sanity? Fly Scoot.

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If you've flown. Ever. You know the one thing that can ruin a flight more quickly and more severely than anything else. Something small. And mighty. That's right. A child whose parents have given up and are letting their creation wreak havoc throughout the too-small pressurized cylinder hurtling through the air.

And so they do absolutely nothing as their child babbles, kicks the seat in front of them, plays some sort of horrible game with the sound effects blaring, and occasionally shrieks. As a frequent flyer, my blood pressure is rising just writing this. No joke.

So, having laid all that out for you (in case you either do not fly, or, somehow, have managed to escape this horror of horrors on your travels so far), let me tell you some of the best news in air travel: child-free zones in aircrafts is a trend that has been catching on.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of angels singing.

While Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia X have established the practice some time ago, the most recent participant in this sanity-preserving undertaking is Scoot, a low-cost subsidiary of Pacific carrier Singapore Airlines. Scoot has recently announced that from now on their flights will have sections in which children under the age of 12 will not be allowed. An additional perk is that the section's 41 seats will also offer more legroom.

Of course, the next step would be a section free of adults with no manners or situational awareness, but this is definitely a start.

Baby steps.

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