4 unusual blue sky ideas to solve airport capacity

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4 unusual blue sky ideas to solve airport capacity (Stewart black on flickr)

What ideas do you have to solve airport capacity? You might be slightly mislead by Blue Sky being included in the title there. We didn't come up with these capacity solutions – members of the public did.

With ever on-going debate over plans for new runways in the South-East of England, these people submitted their ideas to the UK Government's Airports Commission in the hope to provide a light bulb moment on how to solve Heathrow's capacity issues.

Here they are:

  • Seven runways at Heathrow – get over the third runway and make seven instead? Then we can compete with Schiphol!
  • Severn Estuary Airport – island airport rebalancing the national economy
  • Maglev train around M25 – connecting the current airport capacity over five airports
  • Third runway, no night flights and a Universal hub – the other more quiet airports can take the night shift

So? Reasonable? Ridiculous?

I particularly like the idea of the Maglev train connecting London. That would spread the capacity issue. We'd catch up to some of the other parts of the world with bullet trains too.

Read more about each idea submitted here.

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