Top 10 airline Facebook strategies

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Most airlines these days are using Facebook to a greater or lesser extent. Having spent a lot of time browsing airline pages ahead of this year's Air Xperience World, I've pulled together a list of my Top 10 favourite airline Facebook strategies. The list doesn't necessarily relate to the most ‘liked' pages (I did come across that rather interesting list in my travels, check it out at but those which I think are doing something a bit different with their content and taking a fabulous approach to customer service. So here goes…

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What did you think? Any major contenders I've missed out? Please feel free to copy your pages below for our readers to review and form their own opinions!

And while you're at it make sure you check out Blue Sky's own Facebook page here and let us know what you think.

Southwest Airlines Facebook



  1. Angela

    Thanks very much to Mohd for pointing me towards Malaysian Airline’s Facebook page, and in particular the localised content strategy. It’s quite subtle – I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t specifically pointed it out – but it makes the site feel very targeted at my own travel needs and priorities.

    I really like the focus on travel content posting pictures of amazing places which makes me want to go flying! I like that it’s not a direct promotion for Malaysian Airlines, but the MA still interacts very naturally with people on the site. I also like the obvious interaction with other social media, especially bloggers, to bring a diversity of opinions to the page.

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