15 infuriating flying problems

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15 infuriating flying problems

Mashable recently published 15 Infuriating First World Problems About Flying– so I thought I'd share. Everyone loves a moan, especially those with enough money, time, holiday to actually be able to skip off somewhere on a plane.

So what are we moaning about? Everything from the free drinks to the annoying and awkward conversations with other lone travellers.

15. Getting to the airport HOURS before your flight to get through security

14. When you need the toilet but the pilot won't turn off the seat belt light

13. The tiny, miniscule drinks (that I still manage to spill)

12. When fellow passenger in front of you leans their seat all the way back

11. The lack of leg room. Especially when said passenger leans their seat back

10. When you have to turn off your electrical devices. Yeah, why though?

9. When your seat mate strikes up random, forced conversation and you don't know how to politely end it

8. Children. That may be enough said but when they're kicking your seat for 3 hours, it takes a lot of patience to keep cool with the kids. And their parents.

7. When you hear other passengers coughing, sneezing, snoring etc. Have you seen Contagion?

6. The in-flight movies. Sometimes terrible. Those that missed straight to DVD and went straight to the plane. Although you won't hear anyone complaining about the in flight entertainment on Ryanair flights. Because there isn't any.

5. Breathing in your own circulated air

4. People trying to shove luggage in the overheard that quite obviously doesn't fit

3. People enjoying the in flight movie too much/too loudly

2. Loud, ENDLESS conversations from other passengers

1. The food. It's never THAT good, you know?

Anything to add here? Enjoy your flight…

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