Too fat to fly?

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 Too fat to fly? (Steven Worster on flickr)

Are we getting too fat to fly? The head of Samoa Air, Chris Langton, believes charging passengers based on their weight is the "fairest way of travelling".

Rather than paying for seats, passengers would pay per kilogram with prices varying on route distance- making for cheaper flights for families with children. Customers would pay for the combined weight of themselves and their baggage.

Mr Langton also suggested that the new measures would help promote health awareness and weight loss in Samoa which has one of the highest obesity levels in the world.

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What do you think? Is this a ridiculous idea or something airlines need to consider in attempts to cut and keep costs low? Let us know.

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  1. Julia Kent.

    So, in fairness, if you are UNDER what is considered “normal” weight, and/or your luggage weighs less, surely it is then fair to REDUCE the fare per kilo by exactly the same amount they increase for the overweight. Or….. is this just another ploy to increase revenue by whatever means, discrimatory, fair or unfair.

  2. Ncc

    In the airplane business, since everything measured on weight, it is just logical to price/cost as a function of weight. In a way, airlines has started the most unrealistics idea of charging for the baggage in the name of fuel price increases. That is not going to go away even if fuel price comes down. So, why not the ticket price as per weight? I do not think it is discremination as long as it is done openly. We buy lots of weight loss stuff with false promises. At least, here you can gain something if your weight is less. It is also seems to be family oriented as family with 2-3 children of 12 yrs or more actually will pay less. As long as there is no other hidden charges, I am ok.

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